El dolor es la liberación de una mente atada a la realidad. Sólo a través del dolor podemos encontrar el camino a la nada, al punto cero. A olvidar todo lo que nos ata. Y volver a empezar.

lunes, 31 de julio de 2017

What I carried along

May you be the love of my life;
Or the woman who turned me into a monster?
May she be between love and hate;
Or the extremes that are brought along her?

May it be that I'm alone;
Or that you all have stabbed my back?
May that feeling in my bones
Be telling me that everything's bad?

Perhaps it's time for paranoia to run free.
Time for the love to be a thing of the past.
May it be time for me to lay still,
Or to wake up and let it out at last.

Out of my brain and of my thoughts.
The hate and rage I've carried along.

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